Sugar Top Condos

Sugar Top Condos

From the inception of the building of Sugar Top Condos right up to completion and beyond there was unrest from the local inhabitants of Banner Elk and all of Avery County, and eventually all of North Carolina and beyond. The people were upset because the huge skyscraper dominated the view of the lovely rolling mountain landscape, taking away the natural beauty that Mother Nature alone, had blessed the area with.

Early on, when the five story building was still being considered, it was realized that the building as originally planned, would have not been able to withstand the already clocked winds of hurricane force, over 160 miles per hour up on the ridge of the mountain. It was at that time that the original plans were substituted for the 10 story tower that stands today. The original plans with many deviations were then built down below Sugar Top, and are still known as the country club condos.

The first 40 units had been sold from 1981 to 1983, for $69,900 when problems occurred, some changes were made, and the prices had to go up. However, the company honored their contracts, and built the condos at a cost of $98,000.00 each, of course losing money, big time. Another interesting statistic is that some condos sold for as high as $180,000.00, and the lowest priced went for $39,000, about twenty years ago. The unique status of Sugar Top actually boosted prices in the beginning. All units were sold completely furnished, making it a delight for owners to easily move right in, and there were three different choices, according to furnishing and amenities. There was the Standard, the Deluxe, and the Luxury to choose from. Some had washers and dryers. Of course for those who did not, there are spacious laundry rooms on every other floor, available to everyone.

As people first moved in, problems here and there showed up, and were taken care of immediately, by a 50 man crew on hand, 24 hours a day to take care of the unforeseen complaints, such as a window or two that cracked, and wind that blew in to the bathroom of one unit making an eerie sound. As in buying a brand new car, all the little bugs were removed, leaving Sugar Top, strong proud and secure.

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